I am an artist, printmaker, bookmaker, and ceramist. My work is greatly influenced by my cultural background and by studying and traveling in Europe and the United States. I am a native of Slovakia, which was then Czechoslovakia.  I have always been passionate about drawing all my life. However, prior to pursing my art, I studied English for two years in the United Kingdom, and then worked for a non-profit organization in Slovakia. Later I completed a BA degree from Clemson University with major in Spanish and International Trade and started a Graphic and Web Design business. In 2009, I decided to return to my first passion, making art, and began a BFA in studio art at the University of North Carolina,  Asheville, where I discovered printmaking. Currently I am pursuing my MFA degree in printmaking at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

The opportunity to live, travel and study in different places has provided me with a wide range of perspectives, and informs my ideas about art. After arriving to the United States, I became especially interested in architecture and the built environment. In the U.S., my immediate environment often changes very quickly, as old buildings are demolished and new ones take their place. By comparison, European historical buildings are more often preserved.

I am interested in art that is a form of “world making.”  Some influences on my work include Piranesi, Utkin and Brodsky, Peter Milton, Albin Brunovsky and others. Architecture plays a central role in my art because it articulates the built environment. I am interested in the ways that real places can be reinvented, and combined with many different places.

I seek to make images that are a composite of memories that I want to retain and to revisit in my imagination. I am interested in activating these spaces by including pathways and portals such as windows, doors, arches or staircases.
My presence in these spaces is often represented with shadows.